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Most of the research output cannot be commercialised because the research results have no allowance for production. For continuity, the MTUN Commercialization Fund Grant (referred to as "MCF") was created to assist researchers in producing and marketing research findings and commercialisation for the purpose of creating new technologies in line with the university's goal of commercialising university research products and innovations.

Assessment criteria

  • Involve at least one of the following activities:
    • manufacturing
    • system development
    • market testing
    • packaging
    • user manual
  • Having a truly collaborative industry is an advantage.
  • Has a clear target market.
  • Has Business Model Canvas (BMC).
  • Has made estimates of total cost and profitability for commercialization
  • For TRL 7, 8 and 9 only.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Scale