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EREKA 2023

Addressing Security and Architecture Through Development of Innovative Housing Window in Malaysia

KAPi-Game Indicator for Obesity Kids

Development of Basic 3D Animation Application For Recycling


Influence of thickness on tunability performance of plasma sputtered indium tin oxide as Q-switcher

Paddy Yield Vulnerability Prediction Model for Non-Granary Areas

Performance Settlement of Hydrated Lime – Pond Ash Treated Peat Soil

Chili's Cutter

MTE 2023

Agarwood Leaves Extract Powder (Serbuk Ekstrak Daun Gaharu @ Karas)

Mini Hydrophonic Carbon Zero System for STEM (mHCO2S)

Mechanism of Soil Identifying for Industrial Sertu Process

Solving The Royalty Payment Problem Through SANBR-Algorithm

Gold Nanobipyramids as Sensing Materials, Larvides and Anti-fungal

Smart Smoke Monitoring Detection (SMORTEC) Device for Real Time Fire Detection

Refining Community Based Tourism: Promoting Parit Sulong as Eco-Tourism Destination

AeLiConD-RSB (An Aerated Lightweight Concrete Drain with Reinforced Semantan Bamboo)

Automation and Energy Monitoring of Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System (AEM-ACMV)

Framework Model for Sustainable Management in Conserving Elephants: Re-Routing and Causeway Using Geomatics Technology and 3D GEO-Visualisation

ITEX 2023

Ispect Multiphase Flow Simulation System

RTE Retort Pouched Rendang Arnab

Hybrid Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor

The Babylaena: A Scientifically Formulated Wound Healing Cream

Interactive App for 3D-Hybrid Engine Assembly and Simulation (3D-HEAS)

Cultural Mapping of Bandar Penggaram, Batu Pahat, Johor: From Knowledge to Application

Investigating Challenges of Drone Technology Application in Infrastructure Projects: Human Centric Approach 

Rio Fermoso: Konsep Eko-Pelayaran di Sungai Batu Pahat bagi Pembangunan Sosio-Ekonomi & Pelancongan

REJUVNATE: Chewable Tablet A Functional-Food Enhancement for Improved Health Benefits

Hybrid Photocatalytic Dual Layer Membranes for Destruction of Persistent Organic Pollutants