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One of the key ways that publicly funded research can have a productive impact is through their translation into useable products, processes and services. Successful innovation is not about the ideas or inventions; it is about the people. Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not a threat. As noted by Edward Deming , “Innovation comes from the producer – not from the customer”. Hence, at UTHM the innovation culture is primarily centered around the development of our people who are entrusted with the opportunity for innovation.

The university seeks to provide this opportunity through concerted efforts, such as the setting up of incubators, collaborative networks and a knowledge sharing culture that is underlined by a respect for intellectual property. At UTHM, colloquiums are quickly becoming a regular feature within the calendar of each faculty and centre. Currently at UTHM, ICC handles the task of precommercialisation, which involves upscaling and the utilisation of the concept of incubators. The different modes of commercialisation that are currently available to commercialise UTHM products are through Licensing, Direct Sales, Equity Ownership and Contract Research.


“ Towards a world class university in engineering , science and technology for sustainable development. ”


“ UTHM is committed to generate and disseminate knowledge, to meet the needs of industry and community and nurturing creative and innovative human capital, based on the tauhidic paradigm. ”


1. To conduct the sessions of visits/meetings with industry/external agencies 6 times a year to establish research, consultation and commercialization cooperation.

2. To provides a good-friendly, fast and effective counter service by completing any customer requests and requests immediately or after 5 working days

3. To exposure researchers related to innovation and commercialization services 4 times a year

4. To ensure efficient and transparent financial management by processing any expenditure claims and complete purchase requests within 5 working days to be forwarded to the Register Office

5. To achieved recognition in research and innovation exhibitions attended in Malaysia and abroad 25 Gold & Special Award, 25 Bronze & Silver.

6. To manage and secure intellectual property protected by laws such as patents and copyrights.

7. To organize a research and innovation exhibition and competition at the university level as a platform to select nominations that can compete at the national and international levels.

8. To coordinate infrared (incubators) to assist in commercial activities


1. To process all applications to carry out testing, consultation, commercialization, innovation and STU activities for the approval process within 14 working days of the date of receipt of the complete application form.

2. To issue a response letter to the application to conduct testing, negotiation, commercialization, innovation and STU activities within 7 working days from the date of the decision received.

3. To implement all financial processes related to testing, negotiation, commercialization, innovation and STU activities within 14 working days of the closing date of the application.

4. To respond all customer complaints within 21 working days from the date the complaint was received.

5. To provides a good -friendly, efficient and efficient counter service as well as customer-friendly by providing immediate service to customers present at the counter.